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The interior of a luxury, made-to-measure apartment, unique in terms of style, was designed for a private client as “modern-classic”. Not to be a subject to fashion trends.

The reconstruction concept by Barbora Škor­pi­lová proves that design particularly means communication between materials, objects, space and people. The drafted disposition, applied materials, and the colour scheme of the entire interior create an intimate, quiet space as a contrast to hectic streets surrounding this apartment near the center of Prague.

The interior is illuminated by a variety of direct and indirect lights, which lends a unique atmosphere to the timeless space and can alternate feelings of people even in the most ordinary moments. Certain nobleness of the interior is gained by a wide spectrum of noble materials used for tiles, furniture, accessories and decorations.

Even though the interior of an apartment with partly variable disposition may seem ascetically severe, it feels surprisingly cozy. The generously conceived space of an exclusive residence earned the warmth and homely touch beca­use of a decent palette of warm colours and a selection of high-quality natural materials.

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