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The culinary experience of an international cuisine in the restaurant Le Monde is amplified by the stylish baroque environment, unique interior and amber gold cocktail bar.

The restaurant, situated in a historical centre of Bratislava, attracts the attention of guests by its refined interior with many ancient elements and de­corations in contrast with applied modern materials, textile fabrics and technologies. Archi­tectonic design respects the original structure of the space with co­lu­mns and vaults. Order and harmony dominates over the entire space.

Almost all the rooms on both floors had to have a doubled ceiling made, in order to cover up modern technologies in the building. An interesting element of the interior resulted paradoxically from such restrictive solution of the lower ceiling which on the first floor creates a dynamic spatial ornament completed by mirrors and lights.

Rich draperies and textile fabrics in the interior give the final touch to the nostalgically romantic atmosphere, being inspired by historical curtains. Traditional mate­rials such as velvet or leather are combined with modern ones that are not commonly used for this purpose. A dominating feature of the restaurant is the amber cocktail bar with a unique lighting.

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