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ING Anděl

Communicative interior of sales points and offices for global financial institution ING of Dutch origin came to life on grounds of co-operation with studio John Ryan from Madrid.

A picture of the office with dark massive wooden tables and round-shouldered clerks with white collars quietly sitting behind them is a history. The new generation grew up with Playstation and laptop computer on the floor and their working space requi­rements are different now. The image of “an office” changed due to the evolution of information technologies and ways of communication.

The basic idea of the project is a mutual blending of geometrical forms, such as frustum and cylinders, which creates the individual working points within a framework of the whole space. Striking palette with dominating orange colour corresponds with an integrated style of the corporate identity and the philosophy of the company.

In the rhythmically divided space by mul­timedia “corners” with touch screens dominate large info panels with wide flat screens. The language of forms pays a tribute to simplicity and new dimensi­ons in the office space of a corporation that aims to serve to its customers with high level of help when managing their financial future.

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