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Hotel Yasmin

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Hotel Yasmin

Hotel Yasmin

This exotic interior design results from the hotel’s name and logo. Unique decorative elements give an impression of Asian atmosphere that mingles through the entire building.

Generosity of the ground level easily flows through the hotel lobby with a reception desk, all the way to the rear gourmet restaurant. The monolithic aerial space of the entire floor is created by using plenty of glass and mirror surfaces that sophistically separate the functional zones and visually enlarge the space while offering an attractive view-through.

The charisma of the space define the novel combinations of materials, wide range of green tones and soft décor of leaf motives. Vitreous decorations of birch trees and white marbled flowers on the gro­und particularly catch the attention. Myste­rious, de­ep­ly red objects that dominate the space of the re­s­taurant “Noodles” emphasize an overall organic ef­fect.

Significant “kinetic” elements of the inte­rior are large silver balls that connect the entire gro­und floor and restaurant together while ser­ving as a source of light at the same time. Reflections of the surrounding scene in the curved surface of the balls give the impre­ssion of a continuous movement.

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