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Garden in the Opera

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Garden in the Opera

A redesign project of the restaurant, originally designed in 2000 by studio Mimolimit. New realisation fulfills its motto: “Garden in the Opera – a garden for all senses!”

The restaurant is an actual “oasis of serenity” locked within a heavy and somber architectonic monster of former Federal Union. The intimate and modest atmosphere was reached by simple means, so that one can feel here almost as comfortable as being in a privacy of one’s home. When compared to the original appearance, the existing interior is even more disburdened and simplified.

A festival of sensational experience begins by a magical game of light in the interior that is visually dominated by a curve of the bar counter made of corian. Unique is the combination of smoothness and warmth of bamboo with cold and rough marble together with pebbles used on the floor.

Arrangements of natural and dry flowers, fresh bamboo and tropical plants set in metal frames and heavy travertine vases amplify the sensational experience. These botanical exotic decorations together with a new colour design of the space are the dominant elements of the redesigned interior.

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